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Teeth Whitening 



Dr Imogen, a fully qualified dentist from White Swan Aesthetics, offers professional dentist teeth whitening at FAAB Cow.


How can I whiten my teeth?


The best method is by doing a combination of home and ‘in clinic’ treatment.


Visit 1At the first visit, impressions are taken of the teeth so that very accurate suction moulds can be created of your teeth. A combination of 10% and 16% carbamide peroxide bleach can then be used in these moulds, at home, for two weeks.


Visit 2At the final ‘in salon’ appointment, strong accelerator bleach is used for an hour in order to whiten teeth to the brightest possible shade.

The results can be easily and cheaply maintained by purchasing a top up kit from £50-£100 which should last a year or more



Is it Safe?


Teeth whitening is a very safe procedure for the teeth and the bleach does not damage the teeth, that is why you will find so many dentists who whiten their teeth.




There are two teeth whitening procedures available:


  1. Enlighten Whitening which guarantees Vita Shade B1, the whitest natural shade. This procedure also comes with an in clinic, dentist administered, hour long ‘power boost’ - £499


  1. Boutique Whitening – A fully home whitening system with great, predictable results - £249


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